Beware of Krysakan!

November 27, 2018

Robotics tournament Roboturm-2018 took place in Yaroslavl, Russia on last Saturday. It could be strange, but I was (let’s say) advisor of the youngest participant in this event. He presented his ‘Krysakan’ made of LEGO WeDo 2.0 set. His creature was not the best line-follower, but still it was line-follower.

The main thing about ‘Krysakan’ is that: it uses the only one motor for rotating separately in time left wheel, right wheel, left wheel, right wheel, etc.

After consulting with the author, I decided to publish this ‘Krysakan’ building guide.

For screenshots I used outdated but still helpful LEGO Digital Designer.

  1. View of assembled ‘Krysakan’.
  2. Gears and base.
  3. Additional blocks.
  4. Reinforcing the base.
  5. The main part — Motor part.
  6. Motor installation.
  7. Random blocks.
  8. Reinforcing motor part.
  9. Tail fixing.
  10. Seat for controller.
  11. Controller installation.
  12. Eyes group.
  13. Wheels and line sensor (distance sensor actualy).
  14. Tail support.
  15. Little decoration.

In the natural habitat ‘Krysakan’ should look something like this.

The program for this robot is pretty simple, but for the purpose of completeness I left it below.

Play with ‘Krysakan’ during the day only and keep yourself alive.

File with model: krysakan.lxf